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Interactive Dashboards

Our team is experienced in creating sophisticated reporting tools, dynamic, and embedded dashboards. We utilise BI tools that are majorly used by organisations in the world.

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Analytics Acceleration

Larger organisations operating with multiple data sources, enterprise business applications, and generating complex reporting, often face performance challenges, particularly for hot and aggregated data streams.

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Data Warehousing

Data warehousing is the secure electronic storage of information by businesses. Its goal is to create a trove of historical data that can be retrieved and analysed to provide useful insight into the organisation's operations. Larger organisations who use variety of business applications of different nature and purpose have to efficiently

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Data Platforms

Data platforms in analytics represent an ecosystem of services and technologies that needs to perform analysis on voluminous, complex and dynamic data. It allows companies to retrieve, combine, interact with, explore, and visualise data from the various sources businesses may have.

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Big Data Practices

More and more organisations are striving to be more data driven. It is not just an increasing trend of digitalisation. Owners and senior stakeholders of various businesses demand for more visibility and transparency over their key processes, their KPIs and efficacy.. It helps them to make robust decisions timely.

Fostral team have a vast experience in helping organisations, regardless their size or nature, to identify the key processes and ...

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